Posted 07/03/2020


Well, here’s our lovely new website! Isn’t it fab? Thanks so much for popping by. If you have a minute, please do read this - the first blog!

My name is Jess and that’s me in the hat. In fact I bought that hat at a Somerset Collective a few years ago from Nicola of Forage Somerset (she even took this photo in The Newt in Somerset). I was just a shopper back then but soon I began to sell Neal’s Yard Skincare at the Collectives, which were then run by Gemma Bond and Nicky Mendoza-Wilson. They soon became friends of mine and I helped out with social media for the events. Gemma stepped back from organising a couple of years ago and I stepped in with Nicky. Then Nicky stepped back to focus on her shop Rose & Lyons in Bruton (my most favourite shop) and so here I am.

The Collectives have been increasingly popular since 2015 and I decided it would be good to take our wonderful sellers around the countryside so, as well as At The Chapel in Bruton, we’ve been to Hammonds Farm B&B in Stroud and are about to pop up in the Kitchen at Jordan’s Courtyard.

I love finding new people to sell at the events and I love organising them... but I really love the day of the sales, especially once they get going and the shopping starts. (I admit the early mornings aren’t my idea of fun but once the doors open and we’re off, that’s the best bit.) And then working out how much we’ve raised for charity. That’s the icing on the cake. Our sellers are so generous and give 10% of what they sell on the day - as small, independent businesses I know how much that means. It’s not easy making money these days and to give some of your turnover to charity as well is amazing. The Collective has raised over £7000 for a range of charities.

So there we go. Please do follow TSC on Instagram and Facebook to find out more about the sales as they come along. 
See you soon I hope, Jess x