Posted 28/03/2021

we can’t wait to be having real sales! 

Well we did our best with online sales when we couldn’t have real life ones but quite frankly they just weren’t the same. Money was spent and money was raised but there’s nothing quite like a real life pop up sale.

So we are super excited to be organising a summer sale this June - the first will be at Jordans Courtyard near Ilminster on Saturday 12 June from 9am-6pm. Click here for more info.

Jordans Courtyard is a gorgeous place with a café, wellness rooms, yoga studio and more. We will be taking up residence in the huge yoga barn plus in the smaller sanctuary barn and there will have sellers dotted around outside too. Situated just off the A303 and the A358 it’s super easy to get to and there’s loads of parking space. We will be raising money for the Rosie Crane Trust who do fantastic work supporting bereaved parents.

Fingers crossed we won’t have to cancel so if everyone can behave that would be GREAT!

Best wishes, Jess x